Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ready To Go!

I am ready to go with my very first blog!

This has been my first experience setting up and having a blog.  I've read blogs before, but never allowed myself to become too familiar with them.  My good friends moved to New Zealand shortly after getting married and set up a blog to keep their United States friends updated on their adventures.  I also had a parent of a student with autism who set up a blog to keep friends updated on the family's celebrations.  I enjoyed reading both of these blogs, but never allowed myself to dive in and have the full blogging experience.

I have to say that the blog was relatively easy to set up and edit.  I've spent a lot of time "playing around" with the layout and design.  I'm having fun with it.  The most challenging part so far was setting up the RSS feed.  It is a great thing to have because it is easy to access my group members' blogs as well as the class blog.  I know that my blog still needs a lot of work, but I feel confident wtih my progress so far.  I'm so excited about the future of my blogging experience!

1 comment:

  1. Kate-
    I love the changes you have made to your blog! It is so much more inviting!